Adult Students

Ellen B., (Parent and Adult Student)

"Nikki introduced my 5 year old son to piano. My son adored both Nikki and the piano. He practiced without being reminded and has progressed significantly in less than a year.  Nikki also reintroduced me to the piano after a 25 year hiatus. Nikki is truly the ideal teacher for both children and adults. She is patient and kind, and adept at gauging when to challenge and when to stay the course."

Susan D.

"Nikki is an outstanding ambassador for the educational profession. She imparts her gift of music and teaching with outstanding qualities that enable her to maintain focus on providing each individual with an environment purposed for their learning style. Her vision, professional expertise, and positive energy epitomizes the qualities that distinguish her as a gifted pianist and educator. Her commitment to excellence and soothing communication skills serve as an inspiration and a ray of hope to each hopeful learner. Nikki demonstrates a caring and nurturing teaching style that motivates each learner to succeed and strive to reach their goals. Nikki implements a climate in which each learner feels valued and, therefore, fully develops their seemingly hidden skills and talents. Nikki epitomizes the qualities of an extraordinary humanitarian and teacher."

Phyllis V.

"As a "senior" adult trying to pick up where I left off playing in my late teens, I was delighted to find someone who's patience and encouragement stimulated me and kept me motivated. Nikki drew on her knowledge and experience to answer all my steady questions and to guide me in many directions."

Pam D.

"I have begun taking piano lessons again at the ripe old age of 58. I was a fairly advanced pianist as a teen but regretfully walked away from it. I signed up my sister-in-law and 14 year old niece for lessons, as well. Nikki’s ability to tailor her instructions to meet our (very different) individual needs is impressive. She is able to challenge us while keeping everything very enjoyable. I highly recommend Nikki for piano lessons, regardless of your age or skill level."

Linda N., (Parent and Adult Student)

"I have always wanted to learn piano and after watching Nikki with our son, I decided to also finally take lessons at 40. It has been a wonderful experience and Nikki is a fabulous teacher. I can speak from both sides now as a mother of a student and as a student. She is professional, patient and talented."


Jeanne M.

"We couldn't recommend Nikki more! She has taught our 7 year old daughter for a year.  Nikki is professional, thoughtful, creative and just a really wonderful teacher. She has a gentle and engaging disposition but has also challenged our daughter to stretch and learn and be accountable in an age-appropriate way. I've been impressed by the wonderful pieces Nikki has picked out for our daughter to play -- and most importantly, our daughter has looked forward to lessons each week, has learned so much this year and has truly developed a love for music with Nikki. I encourage you to meet her!"

Tracy T.

"Nikki is a wonderful piano teacher that we highly recommend. She balances technique with music appreciation, and makes it fun along the way. She is also very flexible and understanding of a family’s busy and changing schedule."

Sheila M.

"We have had several different piano teachers and Ms. Nikki is the best. She is young, energetic, friendly and fun, yet extremely talented. She listens to her students and finds a way to teach what they need to know while providing them with pieces that meet their interest and ability level. Ms. Nikki is very good at providing the perfect amount of challenge, encouraging the kids to believe in themselves and setting expectations for improvement."

Alicia A.

"Nikki was our 6 year old daughter's 1st piano teacher. Our daughter is shy but she became comfortable with Nikki very quickly. Nikki was extremely patient and made the piano fun for our child. We appreciated the way she mixed using books and computer games to help make learning music theory interesting. We have been impressed with our daughter's progress and her enthusiasm for the piano. Nikki was also very flexible with scheduling make up lessons which was great with our crazy schedule."

Meg G.

"Nikki works well with my two daughters. They are sisters but they are very different.  They have distinct learning styles and she accommodates their needs so that they can learn easily. Nikki expects a lot from her students and she gives a lot in return."

Catherine J.

"Nikki is a wonderful instructor. My daughter is usually shy, but not with Nikki; she was comfortable from day one. Nikki is very understanding, flexible and so very easy to work with. Nikki offered my daughter the chance to play songs she heard on the radio, which really increased her desire to practice and learn. Nikki took an interest in other aspects of my daughter’s life too, which pleased both me and my daughter. I am very impressed with my daughter’s progress under Nikki’s instruction."