I know policies are no fun, but they’re necessary to ensure things run smoothly for everybody! Below are policies that are in line with the standard practices followed by music schools throughout the country and congruent with the standards held by the Music Teachers National Association. If you have any questions about any of the policies below or questions about things you think I’ve left out, feel free to contact me!

Missed Lessons

Your weekly lesson time has been reserved for you and is unavailable to any other students, therefore monthly payment is neither reduced or refunded due to missed lessons. 

Makeup Lessons

Although I will do my very best to schedule makeups, there is no guarantee of a makeup for missed lessons, so it’s always best to come to your regularly scheduled session. 

Makeup lessons are offered when a student gives at least 24 hrs notice before a cancellation. The more notice you are able to give, the more likely I will be able to find a makeup time that works for both of our schedules. If a scheduled makeup lesson is cancelled, another makeup option will not be offered. Lessons that are missed without 24 hrs notice or are “no shows” will not be offered a makeup lesson. 

Alternatively, it is always an option to forgo scheduling a makeup lesson (although it’s always best if I see you or your child on a weekly basis for continued musical growth.) In the event that you cancel a lesson and opt to forgo the makeup, I do still ask as a courtesy that you give me 24 hrs notice if possible. 

There may be times when I may have to cancel a lesson. If this happens, first we will see if a makeup is possible. If a makeup is not possible, I will not charge you for the missed lesson. If I have to cancel after I’ve collected for the month, I will credit you back the per lesson amount.

Holding Your Time Slot

As long as you pay your monthly fee, your time slot is guaranteed. Of course, weekly attendance is preferred and essential to progress, but as long as payment for the month has been received there is no penalty for missed lessons. 

If you decide to drop off the schedule, you will give up your lesson slot. When you return, you will be placed back into the schedule as a new student (or on the waiting list) based on availability.

Discontinuation of Lessons

Two weeks notice (or payment) is required for termination of lessons. However, if you have a special circumstance, please let me know!


Payment is due before or at the first lesson of every month. Payment reminders are sent prior to the first lesson of each month along with itemized invoices if material fees are due. If you begin your lessons in the middle of the month, the monthly amount will be prorated. 


I always welcome communication from my students! If you have any questions at all (musical or otherwise), I am completely available to you. You may call, email, or text me, but email and text are usually the quickest ways to get a response. 

Studio Holidays

2019-2020 Studio Holidays

Lessons will not be held on the following holidays:

Memorial Day- May 27, 2019

Labor Day- September 2, 2019

Halloween- October 31, 2019- no lessons after 5P (all other lessons on this day will resume as normal)

Thanksgiving Holiday- November 27- November 28, 2019

Winter Holiday- December 23- December 26, 2019

New Years Holiday- December 31, 2019- January 1, 2020

Summer Break- 1 week in June or July 2020 TBA

Monthly rates for lessons remain consistent regardless of holiday closures. If you would like to schedule a makeup for any holiday closures, please notify me at least 3- 4 weeks in advance. Holiday makeups will be scheduled on the basis of availability and cannot be guaranteed. The holiday schedule is re-evaluated and posted in May of each year.